Finding a job after college

Avoid that mistake by taking the time to examine what you enjoy doing - and what you hate doing - and figuring out what jobs are the best fit for you, with your interests, skills, experience, and education. You should be constantly learning and paving your own career path, which includes giving input and making your voice heard.

You will be very likely Googled by potential employers see 10, belowso do the same.


I searched up to three times a day on indeed. I ssettled on a job that would continue my apprenticeship and since I am a 3rd year apprentice it made sense.

This can actually also help give you an edge when looking for work. Spend some time each day reciting your elevator speech to yourself, and recite it at different times throughout the day.

Take time to manage your online reputation. Indeed allowed interested employers to contact me, and saved me the hustle of filling out lengthy applications that led to nowhere.

People are still sometimes offered jobs without knowing anyone, but it is not as common of a trend as it used to be. Have 1 or 2 target jobs. I highly recommend sticking with the process because it will pay off.

Start getting acquainted with the alumni association Personal referrals can go a long way when looking for a job, but they can be hard to build from scratch.

The Real Reason New College Grads Can’t Get Hired

Indeed provided quality opportunities in an easy to manage format, allowing me to choose wisely and invest my search time effectively. Notice that you are NOT asking these people for a job.

Indeed has so many employers post jobs on their website. I was able to search for Jobs I wanted with my skill set and now I have my dream career.

List of academic ranks

I sent my resume and received a call the next day. I am an Architect major, so this position in perfect for me.

The LIRR staff and interviewers were extremely nice to me and made the hiring processes very comfortable. Try to understand what the typical career paths are. If you are a woman or a minority, ask how many people in middle and senior management are women or minorities.

Follow the processes recommended by your contacts, and you should be hired before Spring Break if your grades are decent. I highly recommend Indeed. And don't scare the person with an esoteric detail about their far distant past.

The phone app kept me updated on what was available. Indeed helped me search and finding an employer. If you are having difficulty remembering your pitch, or it feels forced, consider editing parts of it.

The fallacy of networking is the idea that you have to be purposefully and awkwardly meeting new people.

What's Your Major?

Use the appropriate method to establish contact with those people. Also check with your Facebook friends and your LinkedIn contacts to see how you are connected to people currently working at one of your target employers.

I uploaded my resume to the employer through Indeed and they actually called and offered me a position!. Or, how ever many hiring managers are of interest to you.

It's wise to look factors in additon to compensation in choosing an employer. I was given a list of several different jobs that matched and set up the interviews.

Again all went well. You sent me 4 different posts that I responded to If you type in a generalized key word for your job alert, as well as specific positions, Indeed can email you everyday with jobs that are newly posted.

Mike Hyattsville, MD I got a job as an unload associate at lowes in waco, texas. Subscribe Popular Among Subscribers. Simply go on Meetup. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These can be work, industry, professional or even interest-based events like book clubs and hiking groups.

Whether you are trying to get an online MBA or just going to a local college, there are a number of things you have to consider including location, cost, and the reputation of school. Securing that first job after college can be a daunting prospect for many college seniors and recent graduates.

However, you can take charge of the process by following a few simple strategies to get your career off to a positive start. Finding the fountain: Proper fitness, warm-ups can keep your game competitive after The best college majors for finding the highest-paying jobs after graduation tend to be in STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Engineering, in particular, is one of the. What's Your Major? Finding a major can be tough. That's why we created the College Major Assessment.

In minutes, the program will recommend your best-fit majors that match your academic achievement, aptitude, unique interests, and preferences. 4 Misconceptions About Getting a Job After College More Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is complete, including full descriptions of what you've done, skills, volunteer activities and.

Finding the fountain: Proper fitness, warm-up keep your game competitive after 40 Finding a job after college
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