Privatization prison privatization essay

Correctional officer unions have organized campaigns to defeat prison privatization attempts in many jurisdictions. The cost of crime depends upon relative increase in the rate of crime.

Many contend that the current state of affairs will not work in the 21st century. This period is dependent of the intensity of the crime committed.

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Our goal is to develop and operates correctional programs that seek a balanced application of concepts of punishment, deterrence, and incapacitation with opportunities to prepare the offender for successful reintegration into society.

Studies have revealed that the boarding cost in the private owned prison to reduce to half that of the government owned prisons Young, Privatization though a new concept to be applied in prison department in most of the countries across the globe, there are a few countries who used it in the past.

Prison Privatization

Some argue that the public sector is incapable of handling the complex and changing dynamics associated with corrections, and therefore more prisons need to be handed over to the private sector; others argue that private industry should not be a part Privatization prison privatization essay the public matter of penalizing offenders of crime.

Again, the disagreement is not purely pertaining to finances but the questions regarding the responsibility of the state to offer or delegate correctional facility comes into discussion. This is a concept that has the potential of flourishing if given the attention it deserves to ensure that the social interests come before the urge to maximize profits by the corporations that have been contracted to set up the private institutions.

In order to reduce controversies surrounding…. First, what is prison privatization. The increased debate on the privatization of different institutions has seen a debate being launched in regard to the privatization of prisons.

Prison Privatization Essay Prison Privatization Essay The term prison privatization commonly refers to the policy of contracting out the management and operation of prisons and jails to private, for-profit companies.

In the past, it has been the responsibility of the government to manage these institutions on behalf of the society.

The process also left the inmates with some acquired skills that they could use during their re-integration process that welcomed them back to the society. The Pros on the Prison Privatization Industry One of the major benefit that privatization of prisons would bring about is cost saving.

These decisions are highly political are often highly debated over again and again by the legislature whereupon in times of financial insufficiency privatization often becomes an easier option for federal government this is according to Hakim and Blackstone This is one of factor that indicates that these private prisons are not that efficient when it comes to their performance Smith, The public employee unions representing public sector prison workers, such as the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal.

In short, the process of privatizing the prison industry has both negative and positive effects and this paper seeks to address some of the pros and cons of this exercise Sloane, The financial benefits, well being of the prisoner, security gains, and answerability among other factors might be used by the proposers of this system to ensure that the majority of the prisons are privatized so as to improve this important institution that ensures the execution of justice in a given country.

For example during the mid 18th century, the United States government entered into a treaty with a number of private investors to manage a number of its institutions and these investors went ahead to contract inmates to some of their private enterprises as a source of labor.

Public prisons have high degrees of transparency as compared to the private prisons. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.

The political issues emerged from prison privatization when the state of Arizona wanted to open a private prison in Mexico, they had to obtain a treaty between the U. This is because in each debate regarding an issue that will touch on the welfare of the society there are those who are behind its implementation and there are those who solidly oppose such an issue; this is a good example of this kind of a topic Young, Correctional worker labor unions are among the most vocal of private prison critics, with their opposition based in part on the fact that the wages of correctional officers in private prisons are generally lower than in public prisons.

This essay discuses prison privatization benefits and disadvantages. The privatization of prisons is often viewed as one way of addressing the problems of prison overcrowding and limited corrections resources (Stolz, p. 92). Prison privatization is an emerging trend and there is not a great deal of long-term data on its’ effectiveness.

Some early data has shown modest savings for states using privatization. The data is limited in scope, not always independent in nature, and far from being long-term. Conclusion Prison privatization has both advantages and disadvantages that hold key elements for debate. Nonetheless, what must be prioritized is the valuable role of the justice system and the ability of a dependable prison system, whether private, public, or mixed, to render the hand of truthful justice.

Privatization In Malaysia, privatization is generally defined as the transfer of ownership from a government public sector to a private sector.

Privatization applies when there is a transition of business activities, service or industry from a publicly traded and owned company to a privately owned company. Is Prison Privatization Really a Long Term Fix? Essay Words | 7 Pages.

Prison Privatization is a term used for which local, state and federal correction facilities hire companies from the private sector to run prisons and provide prison-related services. Prison Privatization Privatizing prisons may be one way for the prison population to get back under control.

Prisons are overcrowded and need extra money to house inmates or to build a new prison.

Privatization prison privatization essay
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